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See, now I want fry bake....


Here in Barbados, everyone I know eats their bakes plain. When I went to Dominica and realised that you could get bakes stuffed, I was in heaven. During our stay in Roseau, we would go to this little shop on the corner and get fried bakes stuffed with some cheese and onion and a bit of seasoning. Unhealthy for sure, but so so good. A cheap and filling breakfast too. I miss those bakes.


not to toot my own horn or even be arrogant, but i make the best whole wheat fried bake and pumpkin choka with a saltfishless zaboca buljol on either side of the atlantic.
which gives me an idea, not because we're girls, but maybe we need to meet and have a pan collective cook up on one island...
but one question i was asked by my swiss ex bf: how can you fry something called bake?


I feel cheated, because we don't have that in Aruba. It looks damn good too.


Help! As transplanted Trini whose mother never made fry bake, could someone share their recipe. It's something I always enjoy when we go "home".


Oh, Francine! This post really hits the spot..in more ways than one : ). Thanks for taking me back.

Karel Mc Intosh

Oh man, those bakes look great. Thank God I just came back home, else the picture of those bakes would have sent me into a serious tabanca for fry bake and buljol with buttery avocado. Yuh cyah get avocado like we own in England. Ah, sweet T&T, glad to be back :)

Gayle Trini

Ok you have made me think of home. I feel sad. Being a few thousand miles away

a random Virgin Islands woman

Eh-eh! I believe that is what we call "johnny cake" in the Virgin Islands.

Hot johnny cake with cheddar cheese bubbling out the center is nothing short of the quintessential VI breakfast. But den yuh cyaan have fry fish or fry chicken leg widout a fluffy johnny cake on deh side! Laawd help meh cholesterol!


in roseau, theres a tiny store next to the water past the fish and fruit market that has the best fried chicken and stuffed bakes ive ever had
ive never seen bakes with just cheese, but i love them with pork or saltfish


We have "fry bakes" in Mississipi (The South) but we call them hot water patties and we make them with cornmeal.


I LOVE FRY BAKE!!!!! I am going to make some this weekend. Fry bake is totally different from hot water patties (I know them as hot water cornbread.)


my grandfother made them with oatmael.


I just got home to Washington State from a recent visit to Dominica. We enjoyed bakes plain or stuffed with cheese. They were awesome!! Ya Man. I am now going to make them for a get together to go over all of our pictures. Thanks for the culinary deliciousness!!

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