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Hmmmm, makes me miss home even more. Experiences like that is what Trinidad means to me, it's what I miss, the ability to feel refreshed and free amidst such beautiful nature.


Yes, that is what I would miss as well if I lived abroad. But what would be worse is to miss it whilst still living here ... That's why I'm not in favour of the prolific construction going on everywhere. It is not in harmony with/does not seem to take into serious consideration the already existing nature that also 'lives' in Trinidad.


I'm in Colorado, USA. Don't remember how I found your blog - probably just surfing, but I really enjoy it! I'm trying to redo my CO apartment into a beach theme, & LOVE this picture. I'm looking for something to cover the front of a "pantry-like" bookshelve thing.....is this your picture? Is there any way you can e-mail me a good copy of it so that I can print it into poster size & decoupage it on? I won't do it without your permission....(or I'd have never asked). Thanks, & please keep us landlocked beach lovers happy with our living vicariously through you!

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