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Dominica is indeed very beautiful. I have been to the island many times, and I almost drowned swimming in some water in a cave to get to a waterfall. Thankfully, I lived to tell the tale (smile). There is always something fun to do in Dominica - what a lovely island! I encourage those of you who haven't been to think about going soon.

james john

I recently went to Dominica by myself, deciding I am going to enjoy my 4 day visit. It was the best time of my life. i enjoyed the water falls and the bowling lake hike. The hike was a killer but the scenery to the like is breath taking. I am definetely looking to go back very soon. Remember to take lots of pictures to keep your memory alive. My picture are in my office as well as my house.

Yuri Jones

Well I am a Dominican native and I'm very pleased to hear such wonderful things about my country. It truly makes me proud to know that outsiders are able to appreciate what our small island has to offer.

Please do tell your friends and family about Dominica and don't forget to return very soon!

Diane Corriette

I was just looking for information on Dominica and found this. Good to see you had fun over there. I am hoping to get there in 2008 and can't wait!

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