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Mwe La (I'm ok)! I lived in St. Lucia as a kid, but never learned much Kweyol either unfortunately. It was, and still is, the way my mother, grandmother, and other members of my family say things they don't want us "kids" to hear.


Tres bien! I spent a few months in St. Lucia freelancing at a local ad agency and it really was a pleasant surprise to see that so many people were bilingual re: the Creole and English. I tried to pick up as much as I could, but only walked away with the functional, basic phrases!


Although English is the official language of St Lucia, Patois is widespread throughout the island.

Patois is a great language and is really not that difficult to learn. Increasingly more and more books are being written in patois (something which didn't happen much a few years ago. And today you can even get a patois dictionary. On my website you can hear how patois is spoken. visit www.stlucia1979.com


Thanks for the link to your site! I think my husband will enjoy this as much as I will :)

Jean H sanon



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Hello there.

where can i get a patois dictionary from.



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