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When I visited Aruba, I was one of those expressing marvel and wonder. :) I think it's great, espeically in The Caribbean where not many of us, sadly, speak a second language.


A choice of three languages? All fluent? Wow. I've often wondered at Trinidad and its close proximity to Venezuela/the South American coastline, but the lack of structure in making Spanish a required second language. It's not even widely-spoken enough to simply be picked up as a "cradle language" either...


Near fluent in three languages. The level of profiency varies, of course. Some people are better at Spanish than Dutch, some people are better at English than Spanish.

I think that Spanish is so popular we like their music, and their countries. Venezuela and Colombia are the places were a lot of Arubans go to get their medical treatment if ours is lacking. Marc Anthony's new single (he's J-Lo's current husband) is practically an anthem here. Because we hear the language everyday, you learn to speak it. I think that plays a greater role than that it is taught in school, although it is. It's mandatory for at least 4 years, depending on which level of highschool you go to.

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