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I recently read "The Kite Runner" and found out that kite flying is a "national" past time in Afghanistan. I am so pleased that B'dos has this wonderful past time at such an extreme level. I enjoy kite flying and I am a girl.


Oh this is one of the things I definitely miss about Barbados this time of year. I loved driving around seeing all the kits out for sale.

Denis Collado

Cuban kites used shaving blades The double edge old fashion blades .you cut it in half leaving only one blade and get it trough a toothpick making like a plus sign. then tie the toothpick to the tail witn a thin wire liaving the edge in the up position.


I am looking for a place in th US that seell Cuban kites. Thanks.


I am looking for a place in th US that sells Cuban kites. Thanks.


I live in Miami, florida. When I was a boy, in Havana, Cuba, I use to make kites. I still remember how to make them. Actually, I often make kites for friends. If anyone is interested, I can help.

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Jack Horner

I got one as a gift. It has three lines tied together from the bull end and the center. It also has two at the bottom tied into a loop. Question: does the kite line tie to the upper lines and the tail to the lower loop?

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Well-written review! I saw his show in Paris last November. Similar set list, but without the cover songs. I am looking forward to seeing him in San Francisco this weekend. It's a shame Richard Hawley isn't along for the ride.

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