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I have progressive glasses and like them. Perhaps mine is due to vanity - I refuse to wear half reading glasses at work and constantly peer over the top when not reading, I refuse to hang my glasses around my neck on a chain for those reading occassions, so for me, progressives allowed me to have the benefit of reading glasses that don't give away the fact that I am of the certain age that needs reading glasses.


I hear you, Twyla, and I guess yours is one reason some people might opt for progressives as opposed to reading specs.

I myself prefer not to wear glasses when I don't absolutely have to (in my case, when I'm not reading or at the computer) -- but then, I'm also not entirely dependent on them. I'm sure I might feel differently when that time comes.

The point of my post was also about not settling for things you feel aren't right for you, so you're on the money there as well.

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