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Christopher Yee Mon

I would think that having roots means being grounded by the past. Waking up and knowing that you're a node in a much wider grid or a fiber in a bigger quilt or something to that effect.

I would think that having roots would mean that you know that there was a distinct past with meanigful stories that led to your creation, and that you can gain a sense of importance and guidance from the trials of your ancestors.


True ... from the trials (of) and trails (left by) ancestors.


Wow, Christopher really hit the bulls eye right there.
Pesonally, I dont consider things like Caribbean or even Jamaica when I think about roots. Roots has to do with what those people, places, stories and memories that you cling to when its snowing in the middle of some foreign land. Its what you think about when at some point you feel lost and stop to ask yourself "who am I?" Come on, you know you've all done it.

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