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I absolutely love the pictures all of you post! Rarely do I see such beautiful sites! Thank you!


You're welcome. Glad you're enjoying everyone's offerings.


I had to chuckle at your post, Elspeth, because if I go to far side of the island, my mother will exclaim, "you're going to drive THAT far? Do you know that it's thirty minutes?! Are you sure you want to do that?"

I guess our perceptions of what is far and what isn't depends heavily on where we live.


Ha! I drive at least 30 mins distance on most days. If the things someone needs on a daily basis are within a 5 - 10 mile radius, s/he gets used to driving for that length of time and considers anything else 'far'. Imagine living on Bequia (7 sq miles) and thinking the other side of the island is far. All relative, I guess.

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