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Blessings and sympathy to his family. I can't belive the police were so uninterested. I'm so sorry. I don't think there is anything worse in this world than losing a child.


I'm so sorry


Yes. Sean Luke suffered the most horrifying, gruesome and ill fated death to date in history. No human being could imagine this happening on the face of this earth. My condolences are To Pauline and her family and to Trinidad as well.
May God Bless Everyone there


my heart was broken when i heard about sean's death. i live in guyana and i felt it as if i was right there in the canefield where he was found brutally murdered. i am so sorry that he had to die that way and my sympathy goes out to his entire family. praying for justice.

shirmila mahabir

my heart goes out to shawn luke family espically his mother .i have 4 kids and to lose one of them i think i will go mad .when i thik of him i cry all the time is was so special although i did not know him.to his mother i dont know what to say .to you just i am sorry.and hope some day you see him again in heaven.

Sandra Ching

Our children are holy. Sent from God. I sit here crying tears for this beautiful child. May this darling play and live in Gods world with peace. He will be protected forever now..... God bless your family from friends in Canada


it is so sad. to see such a young and happy little boy murdered by two sick people. with two sick minds. i hope that the two boys will be severely puniched for their sins. my deepest sympathy goes out to his parents and his family.


I don't live in TnT but i went to a
DIL-E-NADAN concert and he was talking about him and them sang angel in heaven i feel that what these sick minded people did was totally wrong and they should pay for the rest of their live cause sean didn't deserve this definatly not.


it is sad truely horrific what happened to Sean. If you would like. You can light a candle or leave condolences on his memorial page. I wanted to keep his memory alive.
you can also light a candle for two other angels who lost their lives to the monster that is child abuse.


am so sorry you know he was a loveing boy to my husband ricky they both work together in jammey house we love you always

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I won't accept such sort of family though it is quite comfortable. I prefer the family with mom which is not rich but ample in my heart

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