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Interesting how many places we go to per day, seldom (if ever) stopping to think about what they mean and why they were given those names.


Aruba has a lot of names given by the native population, like Hadicurari, Budishibana, Hudishibana, Catiri, etc, but nobody knows what they mean. So in that sense Grenada is blessed!


There's a St. Joseph's Convent in Grenada, too? I went to the one in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad! Small world... sort of ... :o)



Had to pop in with a minor correction: Grand Etang is not the only volcanic crater on the island - Lake Antoine is also a crater lake, and even the Lagoon/Carenage is a collapsed crater. Grand Etang Lake is classified as a dormant volcano, but is not the only volcano (dormant or not) on the island. Kick 'em Jenny, the submarine volcano off the north coast is presently Grenada's only active volcano. Mt St Catherine, the island's highest peak is also believed to have great potential for future volcanic activity.

Interesting tid-bit:
During periods of increased volcanic activity on Monserrat a few years ago, there were reports of areas of the Lagoon were bubbling and emitting sulphuric gases. Some scientists state that the volcanoes and craters on all the islands are actually linked subterraneously.


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